Den Dansk Svenske Per Hegelund om Gränsvärden:

Mass deaths among eider ducks

“Dead ducks were found in the Baltic Sea and the Sound. Danish Ornitological Forening (DOF) has sounded the alarm about the killing and starving ducks found at Hernesaari northeast of Bornholm and along the Sound coast in Drag.

Hernesaari has long been one of Denmark’s largest eider colonies. 15 years ago it consisted of 3 000 birds. Since then the colony has been halved. 115 dead ducks have been picked up along the beaches of Hernesaari, which is a famous bird sanctuary. Dead ducks have also been found on Amager in Dragor, writes Scanian Dagbladet.

Scientists suspect that climate change may have caused bird die. “In the sea you can imagine that the mussels that ducks live on is in worse shape than normal because of the mild winters. We know that mild winters may mussels to consume more energy, so that they become less meat rich in the spring,” says Thomas Christensen of the Danish National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) to the DOF’s newsletter. DOF proposes the eider to entirely stop hunting a few years to protect the tribe.”

We, BSRRW, suggest to take into the whole scope of the environmental analyses of the birds life the fact, that the Baltic Sea is the most radioactive sea in the world and how the high amounts of radionuclides in the Öresund region could have contributed to the hazardous conditions for the eider and other birds as well as the organisms they consume.

Climate Greenwash Awards (Denmark)

Energy Intelligence for Europe, Conference, September 23, 2005, Copenhagen (Denmark)

The conference had two main objectives: To assist in promoting the initiative of an intergovernmental conference on the Euratom Treaty and to provide the Danish Government with high quality information and analysis to adopt a proactive policy on the future of the Euratom Treaty.

Friends of the Earth / Miljøbevægelsen NOAH (Denmark)

NOAH er en landsdækkende miljøbevægelse bestående af grupper, der støtter hinanden i det fælles arbejde med at opfylde NOAHs formålsparagraf: At forbedre det levende milj&oslas…

Inforse (Denmark)

INFORSE is a global network of independent non-governmental organisations working for sustainable energy solutions to reduce poverty and protect the environment.

The Smiling Sun (Denmark)

The Smiling Sun was designed in 1975 in Denmark. The logo soon was adopted by the anti- nuclear power movement in dozens of countries. In 1977 the Smiling Sun was trademarked. It became the world wide strongest brand against nuclear power. And still is.