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The Health of at least 400.000 people will be the Cost for the Nuclear Industry Conspiracy !!!

ECRR radioactivity risk estimation for Fukusima, 30-03-2011

Quote fr Conclusions, p. 12: “1. The ECRR risk model has been applied to the 3 million people living in the 100km radius of the Fukushima catastrophe. Assuming these people remain living there for one year the number of excess cancers predicted by the method is approximately 200,000 in the next 50 years with 100,000 being diagnosed in the next 10 years. If they are evacuated immediately, the number will fall by a significant amount.  For those 7 million living between 100km and 200km from the site, the predicted number of cancers is slightly greater with 220,000 extra cancers in the next 50 years and about 100,000 being expressed in the next ten years. These predictions are based on the ECRR risk model and also the findings of cancer risk on Sweden after the Chernobyl accident.

2. The ICRP model predicts 2838 extra cancers in the 100km population. The eventual yield will therefore be another test of the two risk models…”

BSRRW.ORG conclusion is that this means at least 400.000 cancers in 50 years in 200 km radius fr Fukusima. This estimation does not include infertility risks and is based on an IAEA cover upp doses, that may under-report the contamination levels up to 10 times.

Japanese government is not evacuating the citizens as IAEA is not reporting the risks!!! The Health of at least 400.000 people will be the Cost for the Nuclear Industry Conspiracy !!!

Cancer is killing more than Tuberculosis, Aids  and Malaria combined

Even an IAEA treatment bussines propaganda video admits the fact:


Risk of leukemia around nuclear power plants

Children who grow up around a nuclear power plant are at higher cancer risk. Especially leukemia occurs there more frequently than is the national average. Studies have shown that, even most recently in September 2009. The exact cause of the disease is usually told to lie in the dark. The Expert opinions differ. Some name  radiation as a cause, others believe in other causes. At the information evening in Philipsburg participates the Greenpeace nuclear physicist Heinz Smital .


Two large german epidemiological studies

The world’s most elaborate study on the subject came December 2007  by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection- the KiKK study (childhood cancer near nuclear power stations ). The Mainz Kinderkrebs register had analyzed data from 1980 to 2003. Almost 1,600 children under five years were in this period sick with cancer around the German nuclear power plants, including 593 leukemia cases. The illness rate was higher depending on the distance of childs home to the  nuclear power station. But even within a radius of up to 50 kilometers, the morbidity was still noted to be increased .

Since September 2009 a new further study is available. It was conducted by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Greiser on behalf of the Parliamentary Group Alliance ’90 / The Greens. Greiser is Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics of the Department of Human and Health Sciences at the University of Bremen.

For his study, he extended the data base. He used cancer registries from France, Britain, Canada and the United States and evaluated the numbers. Study analyses  information available in five countries and from the vicinity of 80 nuclear power plants. This study corroborates the correlation between significantly increased risk of cancer in a specific distance to a nuclear power station.