Socialstyrelsen, Local Health Agencies

Busby requires Cancer data fr Social Welfare agency in Sweden

Pr Chris Busby and Ditta Rietuma visited Socialstyrelsen on the 20th of September 2011. Social Welfare agency in Sweden is called Socialstyrelsen. The officers there did not even know that the Baltic Sea is radioactive. This resulted in a Complaint to the Justice Chancellor of Sweden. Point nr 6 in the Complaint:

6. Regarding the question of disputed methodology for radiation risk assessment it is a matter of serious conflict of interest that the Medical Officer of Health for Sweden, the head of Socialstyrelsen, is Lars-Erik Holm who was previously head of SSM (previously SKI) and also President of ICRP whose FALSE risk model is used to UNDERinform risk from such radiation exposure. This is similar to the recent conflict of interest scandal of professor Anders Ahlbom at the Karolinska Institute and mobile phone radiation safety [cf.].

Full Complaint: