Studsvik shareholders are foreigners

On page 19 on insists to stop the transport of nuclear waste to Studsvik! Citizen Group to take action through Courts

Download BSRRW Intervention to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: Bruce Power Canada 1600 metric tons to Studsvik interv 2010 insists to stop the Bruce Power (Ontario) plans to send 16 radioactive steam generators (1600 metric tonnes of radioactive waste in total) to Sweden this year by ship. More than 20 000 tones metallic material already have been treated for Free-Release & Recycling in Studsvik during the 60 years of it´s existence.

Nations around the Baltic Sea don’t even know about these dangerous plans – media empire is silent and the Security Protection Institutions are using the wrong ICRP model instead of the ECRR model (

Attach the Wisdom of the Nature Nations living on the coasts of the Baltic Sea to change the dysfunctional Security Culture of the Global Economy system  – it is Urgent. Let the Security Culture of Divine Ecological Nature Wisdom guide You to the Survival of our Species!…

Per Hegelund´s PP presentation on Studsvik,  Baltic Sea Tour 2010:

Download PP:   Studsvik Per Hegelund


Studsvik, Sweden – a leading supplier of services to the international nuclear industry

In Sweden Studsvik recovers a lot of the still-radioactive metal to be recycled as scrap intended for “unrestricted use”.  We , BSRRW ,are opposed to the industry’s plan to market radioactive waste materials to an unsuspecting, unconsenting public.

“Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the international nuclear power industry in such areas as waste treatment, decommissioning, engineering & services, and operating efficiency. The company has 60 years experience of nuclear technology and radiological services. Studsvik is a leading supplier on a rapidly expanding market.

The business is conducted through five segments: Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, USA and Global Services. Studsvik has 1,100 employees. The company’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.”

Coalition’s for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes Resolution to Stop Shipment of Radioactive Steam Generators on the Great Lakes

“Studsvik plans to recover about 90% of the still-radioactive metal to be recycled as scrap intended for “unrestricted use”. The remaining 10% would be shipped back to Bruce Power as radioactive waste — those materials are judged to be too radioactive for recycling.  We are opposed to the industry’s plan to market radioactive waste materials to an unsuspecting, unconsenting public. “

Bruce Power, Canada, has signed a contract with the Studsvik company in Sweden to receive and dismantle 32 of these old radioactive steam generators from the Bruce Nuclear Complex, to recycle as much of the less radioactive metal as possible for commercial use as scrap metal (up to 90 percent of the total metal in the steam generators), and to return the more radioactive portions to Bruce Power to be stored as radioactive waste

Bruce Power is Canada’s first private nuclear generating company and the source of more than 20 per cent of Ontario’s electricity. Located approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Toronto

Seminar on Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Studsvik, Nyköping, Sweden, 14 – 16 September 2010

A Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS) seminar organised by Studsvik Nuclear AB (Studsvik) and Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB).