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Economist Dr. James K. Galbraith on the total collapse of the Global Banking System

Economist Dr. James K. Galbraith spoke at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers’ 9th convention September 2010, where he brought delegates a message not often heard from economists – that the crisis wasn’t an economic crisis but a fraud perpetrated on innocent victims. He described in detail the total collapse of the Global Banking System. Galbraith – the son of famed Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith – regaled delegates with his analysis of the roots of the economic recession that has destroyed jobs, families and communities.

and even Dr. James K. Galbraith on Bank Bailouts

Call for a New Economic Era and the fall of the Rotten Systems that are preconditioning Baltic Sea Region for Nuclear Colonisation !

Michael Hudson at the Baltic Sea – nuclear colonised and most radioaoctive in the world

American global economy expert Michael Hudson was a key speaker at the Latvian economy conference in the Baltic Beach Hotel on 29-05-2010. Jeffrey Sommers is an economist and co writer of their article “Latvia´s Road to Serfdom”. secretary and economist Ditta Rietuma is interviewing experts on the connection between the economical and nuclear colonisation of the Baltic Sea region depending on the projects of nuclear industry establishing final nuclear waste repositories on the very shore of the Baltic Sea in Finland (Olkiluotto) and Sweden (Forsmark). Neither Latvian people nor even politicians are aware of these projects. Latvia´s official status is as a country “not affected by the projects”.

Prof. Michael Hudson on Latvia’s and the world´s economic situation

“Sweden wants to return Latvia to Feudalism!… This is Neo-Colonialism”, part 1(2) Interview, on the Edge with Max Keiser. Original airdate: 16 October 2009

Reform Task Force Latvia ( meeting, August 21-23, 2009 in Riga/Latvia. Peteris Cedrins interview with Prof. Michael Hudson on Latvia’s economic situation.

The Old System

US bank bailout amount = US military expenditures + total US federal revenue, Michel Chossudovsky


The disgraces of the Pyramidal Usurious Bank Economical System


LECTURE: THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS — The Great Depression of the 21st Century with Michel Chossudovsky Causes and consequences of the financial meltdown; The speculative onslaught; Financial fraud and the “bank bailouts”; Bankruptcy of the real economy; Impacts on employment, wages and social services; Towards a spiralling public debt; The economic crisis and its relationship to the Middle East war; The centralization of corporate power; The concentration of wealth; The globalization of poverty. What are the policy alternatives?

The World Bank (WB) & The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

A clip from the documentary “The New Rulers of The World” by film maker John Pilger.

The WB and the IMF control most of the world’s cash flow.

The truth behind the WTO by War on Want

A 10 min documentary about the Truth Behind the Total Collapse of the U S Economy:

Got to create the next level of a Resource Based Economy!

The Venus Project

The Venus Project offers a draft of a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.!

RBE foundation

May be through this RBE foundation ? Check it out and collect other ideas and networks! Send them to us! Get active! The survival of all the intelligent species on our planet is at stake! The problems are local but the sollution is most likely a global one!

Or Freeconomy network?

Bioregionalism in Molly Scott Cato´s Gaian Economics

“Bioregions are natural social units determined by ecology rather than economics, and that can be largely self-sufficient in terms of basic resources such as water, food, products and services. Bioregionalism has at its heart two of the central principles of green economics: balance and cycles. Ecology demands that we recognize our part in a complex web of natural systems and this should reflect the places we choose to live and how and where we choose to access our resources. This is what we mean by living in balance with nature. Respecting the natural cycles of life is often referred to as ‘closing the loop’, so that within our bioregional economy we are responsible for all our waste and we have a neutral impact on the natural cycles that maintain the earth in balance, primarily the carbon cycle.

Your bioregion is effectively your backyard. It is the part of the planet you are responsible for. Bioregionalism means living a rooted life, being aware of where your resources come from and where your wastes go. It is the opposite of a life lived in the limited knowledge that food comes from Tesco, leaving everything to the global corporations who are only too willing to take on this responsibility in return for their profits. Unlike political boundaries, bioregional boundaries are flexible, but should be guided by the principle of subsidiarity in the case of any individual resource or service. Within the bioregional approach beginning with the local is a principle that trumps principles such as price or choice. Within our bioregional economy we are responsible for all our waste and we have a neutral impact on the natural cycles that maintain the earth in balance, primarily the carbon cycle. From a bioregional perspective the ideal way to organise your economy is by borrowing for your needs from the local environment …”

Molly Scott Cato´s VIDEO presentation in 5 parts (with reservation for the propaganda of the climate change histeria):

Society of Conceivia

“Conceivia will soon become a real world community. We believe in a new form of Direct Democracy, where individuals and minorities have real power, to make changes concerning things which are important to them. In this system, power can be concentrated and applied to what is important to you. Everyone has equal power, what makes this different is the ability to concentrate it. The ability to choose what is important to you, and what is not. This is about individual decision making authority. This is what will allow us to succeed where others have failed…”

NEF is an independent think-and-do tank …

…that inspires and demonstrates a plan for economic wellbeing. With reservation for climate and climate tax- histeria NEF has got many interesting angles that could lead to valuable solutions.

“The only way to overcome systemic problems is through a set of solutions which themselves address the whole.

In this report we have sketched out how, in the light of these challenges we face as a country, UK, and as a world, things could ‘turn out right’ by 2050. Many of the solutions we outline apply globally.”

Download NEFs plan:

Is the financial elite, that is buying up the world, ethnicaly/religiosly/nationaly specific?

On the 10th of October, 2007, Israely president Shimon Peres declares that Israel is buying out Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland … and have no problems in their way. Are nations colonised by the Zionists who infiltrate all governments and create the legislative matrix to buy up and manage the whole surface of our planet for their limited good? We have to create specific democratical systems to prevent that.


The noble vision of a Solartopian green-powered Earth.

Our eco-future is defined by the four Great Green Truths: we have a global crisis, it has a solution, the solution is winnable, and winning requires a “middle path” of action that is both non-violent and non-stop.

There are technological solutions to the crisis, but they demand political action. Together they comprise the Eight Green Steps to a sustainable world:

1.BAN WASTE AND WAR: Nothing may be produced that cannot be fully recycled or that will not completely bio-degrade. This includes weapons whose sole purpose is death and destruction, and whose manufacture and use must be ended by a global community that knows war to be the ultimate act of ecological suicide.

2.MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & CONSERVATION: From energy to building materials, food to fiber, water to paper, our resources must be preserved. Our unsustainable consumption and wasteful industries must be made appropriate and efficient, starting with a reborn mass transit system and complete preservation of all remaining virgin land and waters.

3.TRANSCEND FOSSIL/NUKE: King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) must take its place in the compost heap of history. Our addiction to filthy, finite fossil/nuclear fuels has led us to the brink of economic and ecological collapse. In the new green millennium, we either kick the habit, or it kills us.

4. CONVERT TO RENEWABLES: Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, ocean thermal, wave, current, sustainable bio-fuels and their green siblings are proven, profitable and have time on their side. Each has its imperfections, and no single source will dominate. But union-made renewables sing in economic and ecological harmony, and are the ultimate job-creators.

5. GO ORGANIC: Factory farming, genetically modified crops and chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are unsustainable. Diverse, community-scaled, reliably organic agriculture is the key to a future fed by food that’s fit to eat.

6. TRANSFORM THE CORPORATION: Our most powerful—and destructive—institution claims human rights without human responsibilities. Corporate charters must require social service, ecological accountability and establish a barrier between capitalism and cannibalism. “Green” corporations whose legal mandate still remains limited to accumulating profits will make a mess of the planet as surely as all those that have come before.

7. ASSURE SOCIAL DEMOCRACY: Universal hand-counted (recycled) paper ballots and curbs on the power of money to sway elections are the essence of global democracy, as is the demand for social justice. Until all humans are assured the basics of life—food, shelter, clothing, health care, education—democracy and freedom are shallow illusions.

8. EMPOWER WOMEN / CONTROL POPULATION: Where enfranchised, educated, fairly paid and in control of their own bodies, the natural union of women with Mother Earth brings us the children She wishes to support. On a healthy planet, birth rates find their natural level when all children are loved and wanted, which is where Solartopia starts.

This list follows the form of Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths and Eight-Fold Path to Enlightenment. But all religions at their core call for universal harmony between people and the planet.

Solartopia is diverse, sustainable, and socially just, the necessary, possible vision of a civilization in which we can all survive and thrive.

By Harvey Wasserman, SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH is at, along with the DVD of his conversation with Ernest Callenbach “From Ecotopia to Solartopia,” at YouTube at: