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The ECNRR reform of Basic Safety Standard limit for non-ionising radiation exposure from electromagnetic fields.


The current adviser of governments on the levels of non-ionizing radiation exposure the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), ICNIRP.org, has proven to have failed to act as the world’s authority on non-ionizing radiation risk. ICNIRP is not independent of industry ties as it claims. Its opinions are not objective, not representative of the body of scientific evidence, but are biased in favor of the industry, by which it is partially financed, causing ICNIRP reluctance to consider scientific findings of serious harms caused by radio-frequency (RF) radiation.

This has now been changed by European Committee on Radiation Risk SubCommittee on Non Ionizing Radiation Risk (ECNRR) that has on the 28th of May 2019 established the Basic Safety Standards (BSS) for the public. ECNRR BSS comes in the form of dose limits for exposure to radio-frequency radiation created by technologies such as  cellphones, cellphone towers and other sources including the still experimental 4G and the proposed 5G.

The Annual and Daily Dose limits in Nrad and Nrep are now established for the risk levels to cumulative exposures to Non Ionising radiations in the 2GHz and proposed 5G radiations up to 100 GHz. These limits for adults and children have been decided following an initial publication in December 2018 and a consultation period of 5 months. The rapid increase in Radiofrequency (RF) radiations in the environment and the proposed major increases associated with 5G rollout in the near future represent a serious and unaddressed public health hazard. Citizens are exposed to radiations which have been now shown by hundreds of scientific studies to cause biological damage potentially resulting in cancer and developmental issues. This is a Human Rights and Public Health issue and has now been addressed through the quantification of cumulative absorbed doses.

The two new ECNRR units of Dose are established:

1.  For radiations not higher than 2GHz  the – Nrad – or Non Ionising Radiation Absorbed Dose equal to 1kJ per kg of tissue.

2. For radiations above 2GHz a weighting factor is applied based on the frequency of the radiation to provide the unit – Nrep- or Non Ionising Radiation Equivalent Person.


Whereas no scientific environmental risk assessment on any RF radiation exposures has been published by Business or State,

Whereas no JUSTIFICATION has been published by States for the exposure of citizens to non-ionising radiation which has been shown to be associated with serious harmful downstream health effects and also deterministic effects on mental equilibrium,

This is the ECNRR reform of Basic Safety Standard limit for non-ionising radiation exposure from electromagnetic fields.

Download the full BSS statement document fr ECNRR committee scientific secretary  Pr Chris Busby here

Final ECNRR Basic Safety Standard published 29th of May 2019 ECRRnonionizing290519final XXoXX

The link to full announcement   http://www.bsrrw.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ECRRnonionizing290519final-XXoXX.pdf

The ECRR Non-ionising radiation dose (Nrad/ Nrep) model assesses a dose limit mainly in regard to cancer in rodents, infertility and foetal development effects in animal and insect studies.

Summarising points. ECNRR Committee hereby establishes Basic Safety Standard for Exposure to Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation up to 2GHz frequency. 

1. No adult shall be exposed to more than 50 Nrads per annum of non-ionising radiation of frequency below and including 2GHz.

2. No adult shall be exposed to more than 0.14 Nrad per 24 h day.

3. No teenager the age of 12-19y shall be exposed to more than 10 Nrad per annum of non-ionising radiation of frequency below and including 2GHz. This dose is even suggested for adult parents before consumption.

4. No teenager the age of 12-19y shall be exposed to more than 0.03 Nrad per 24 h day. This dose is even suggested for adult potential parents.

5. No child the age of 6-12y shall be exposed to more than 5 Nrad per annum of non-ionising radiation of frequency below and including 2GHz.

6. No child the age of 6-12y or pregnant woman shall be exposed to more than 0.014 Nrad per 24 h day.

7. No child below 6y should be exposed in any way and all inevitable exposures must be kept as low as reasonably achievable.

8. For the purposes of calculation these limits refer to all sources combined.

9. The Recommended Dose Limits are tabulated for convenience in the tables.

We request the responsible authorities to respond immediately by implementing ECNRR Basic Safety Standard limit for Non-Ionising Radiation  and spread it to the world achieving the protective measures for the public. 

Best regards,

Roland von Malmborg

E info@ifrrr.org

T  +46-730 224 355

Administrative secretary

International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk, IFRRR

The for review to all European radiation risk agencies sent earlier ECNRR press release of 12th of December 2018

ECRR Nrad dose 121218 press    link    http://www.bsrrw.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ECRR-Nrad-dose-121218-press-I.pdf 

Document is a reform of Basic Safety Standard limit for non-ionising radiation exposure from electromagnetic fields. Statement has been received by all radiation safety agencies of European Union, as well as IAEA etc with following responsible receivers specified in the document   Justification European Competent Authorities HERCA emails Names

It is the official press release of European Committés on Radiation Risk (ECRR) Non-Ionizing Radiation Risk SubCommittees scientific secretaries Pr Christopher Busby statement fr 12thDecember 2018. Title – Proposed Unit to quantify exposure. Proposed Exposure Limits.

The responsible radiation safety agencies have to adress the subject to administrative secretary Roland von Malmborg at info@ifrrr.org.  Based on the received input fr them during the following 3 months, on 12th of March, the limits of exposure dose will be published as final.

See more in Protection page on Electromagnetic Frequency Warfare subpage http://www.bsrrw.org/protection/emf-war/

For the Winter Solstice of Peace and Happy New Solar Year!

Song with photos of the Christmas Day 1914 on trenches when all sides laid down their weapons and made peace by playing friendly games


Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland CoNstituing Act

Indigenous W Order Bank 11.06.17. ACT min

oxa money 2 sided min

Chris Busby- Full Submission to Swedish Environmental Court on the project to build first final nuclear waste repositories in Forsmark Sweden, 8.9.2017

The used radiation risk model – ICRP – is unacceptable, proposed place in Forsmark cant be on the coast of a common water basin, and the prososed KBS-3 technology is not safe for disposal of high-level radioactive waste developed in Sweden by Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB) 

StockholmNacka Busby 8.9.17 PDF

Ditta Rietuma. Yttrande till MMD 8.9.2017 om slutförvaret för kärnavfallet i Forsmark.

Download the PDF on screen    MMD DR 8.9.17

Documents left in

Baltic Sea Regional office of ECRR, Euradcom.eu, submitted comments to the Espoo process in Latvia and even to the President and Prime Minister of Latvia suggesting to Veto  final Nuclear Waste cemeteries in Sweden

15.04.16     Atklātā vēstule Vides Pārraudzības Valsts Birojam sakarā Forsmark 2

Earlier fr 31.12. 13  ECRR final till MMD om SKB SSM




Download and spread  busby academyposter



12016. g. 1-7. marts, Zinātņu Akadēmijā un Ropažu Villasmuižā

Starptautiskais Radiācijas Risku Pētniecības Fonds (IFRRR.org) ar gandarījumu piedāvā Baltijas jūras reģiona pamatiedzīvotāju goda tiesas konferenci kuru Latvijā organizē Latviešu Biedrības Vides un Tikumu komisijas (LaBie.lv). Konference notiek 4 x gadā – Martā Latviski, Jūnijā Angliski, Septembrī Krieviski un Decembrī Zviedriski. Tās starptautiskais nosaukums ir Criminalise Nuclear War Systems un tās darba apkopojumi atrodas BSRRW.org .

Konferences mērķis ir radīt platformu neatkarīgiem pētījumiem Zemeslodes dzīvās vides aizsardzības izšķirošajā nozarē – atomieroču industrijas sistēmu ķēdē, piedāvājot metodiku drošības un miera sistēmu veidošanai.

Vairāk    http://www.bsrrw.org/protection/nucl-war-syst-conf/

Kriminalisera AtomKrigets System konference på Solidaritetshuset i Stockholm. 1-7 December 12015


En serie kvartalsvisa veckolånga konferenser av ursprungsbefolkningarnas representanter

Tredje konference, på svenska: Solidaritetshuset, Stockholm. 1-7 December 12015 (10.000 år tillkommer beroende på Östersjöregionens urfolkens tideräkning)

Östersjöregionens Radioaktivitetsgranskning, www.BSRRW.org, presenterar konferenser av ursprungsbefolkningarnas representanter från hela världen.

Målet med konferensen är att kriminalisera atomkrigets system genom att skapa en plattform för ett globalt nätverk av ursprungsbefolkningarnas representanter som markerar de nuvarande systemen som har fört oss till atomkrigets oacceptabla risker och att föreslå säkra system.

Programmet m m på http://www.bsrrw.org/protection/nucl-war-syst-conf/

Radioactive Floods in Fukushima, 10th of September 12015


Criminalise Nuclear War Systems conference II – in Russian

Международная научная конференция  “Криминализуя Системы Атомной Войны.”

(Рига. 1-7 сентября 12015 г., по язычески пльус 10.000 лет)


  • Члены программного комитета: Дитта Риетума, Кристофер Басби
  • Охват: Международная
  • Даты проведения: 1-7 сентября 12015
  • Место проведения: 3 дня – Академия Наук Латвии, Рига, и 4 дня – на языческом хуторе.

Международный Фонд по Исследованиям о Рисках Радиации (IFRRR.org) с гордостью представляет конференцию организованную кoмиссией Защиты среды общества коренных жителей Латвии – Latviešu Biedrība.

Цель конференции создать платформу для независимых исследований в для жизни на Земле экзистенциально важной сфере – предлагая надёжные системы науке о рисках радиации, которая создала угрозу планетарной Атомной Войны.

Стратегия состоит в избежание коррумпированных исследований финансированных глобальными корпорациями и в создании истинно правдивых исследований лояльных интересам коренных жителей любой местности.

Методика конференции состоит в видео презентациях членов программного комитета Дитта Риетума и Кристофер Басби через Skypeи ITохватывая круг специалистов со всего света с собраниями изумительных научных работ по критически важным темам и параметрам создания надёжных систем.

Программа за неделю предлагает концептуальные знания в расслабляющей манере режима отдыха, без разходов. Добровольные взносы. Целевая группа участников – духовная аристократия. Познакомтесь с материалами предыдущей конференции 1-7 июня – на английском языке – на bsrrw.org.

Больше http://www.bsrrw.org/protection/nucl-war-syst-conf/

CNWS II conference videos   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQugSGR36JKFf6h4rs-Bt-nhF2Q5ssV_K

Criminalise Nuclear War Systems conference I

A series of quarterly week-long Conferences in Saga House Undīne, Dubulti, Jūrmala, Latvia.

Initial meetings: June 1-7th 2015

International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk, www.IFRRR.org, proudly presents the conferences organised by Environmental Research SIA in Latvia.

President Putin has engaged the Dead Handle of the Russian automatic nuclear response computer system. These are possibly the last days of life on Earth as we know it. What are the parameters and dimensions of this self destructive process? What can be done to create Peace sustaining systems? The answers will be presented in the quarterly week-long Conferences starting June 1-7th 2015 in the Baltic Seaside resort of Jūrmala in Latvia. Video documentation of the conference on Youtube channel RadioactiveBSR

Program PDF    Program 1-7.06 CNWarS

More on http://www.bsrrw.org/protection/nucl-war-syst-conf/

Declaration    Declaration CNWS


Baltic Sea Regional ECRR admited to the Swedish Environmental court in Nacka comments on the outstanding information still to be answered by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority SSM and Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company SKB regarding (1) SKBs application to build the Forsmark Spent Nuclear Fuel Waste Final Repository and (2) its Environmental Impact Statement and associated data.


ECRR objects to SKBs general rejection of commenting deeper on groups of questions included in the processes submitting most of radiation related issues to arbitration by SSM through Kärntekniklagen. All of this process should be brought before the Environmental Court as it primarily is an environmental issue.

SSM still has not asked SKB as an applicant to use a scientifically valid radiation risk model and has not started to engage independent experts.

ECRR identifies missing information still to be answered by SSM and SKB regarding SKB´s application to build Forsmark Spent Nuclear Fuel Waste Final Repository as well as its Environmental Impact Statement and associated data.

Summarising the current situation ECRR suggests the Court to rule the request for substantial source of funding for independent scientific scrutiny of the application to build Forsmark Spent Nuclear Fuel Waste Final Repository (SNFWFR).

Comments PDF Nacka TR M 1333 11 aktbil 296

Appendix PDF with 3 earlier comments sent to authorities Nacka TR M 1333 11 aktbil 297




Pr C.Busby on the EU Parliament Petition for EURATOM Justification, 6th of August 2012

Two ways to act – prepare one or both

1. Write a Petition to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament. The template of the Petition comes as an individual petition, from yourself or the NGO you represent, for a petition to the European Parliament. This can be submitted online (see details) but would be more powerful if it were a paper copy sent to the address of the Petitions Committee in Brussels by post recorded delivery (signed for).  Please add your own reasons why you feel that the radioactive releases from the nuclear project are or will affect you personally e.g. you live near a nuclear plant and feel that you suffer an increased risk of cancer, or that your children may be affected etc

Download EU Petition Template. !!! The Template is a version for Sweden. You have to adapt it for Your country, examples for Sweden, UK and Ireland are given :


Send the Europarl Petition to:

European Parliament
The Petitions Committee of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz



2. At the same time, begin the second part of this strategy. Copy the Petition you sent to the EU Petitions Office to the National Environmental State Office. This is usually the Ministry of the Environment. Check your Government to find out. Add a covering letter asking the Minister to arrange for the National Competent Authority to set up a process where re-Justification of the country’s Radiation exposure practices which is transparent and (according to international Human Rights agreements and laws) permits inputs from scientists appointed by the public.

See the details of this process on    http://nuclearjustice.org/?p=19

For any questions or help email  info@nuclearjustice.org

Pandora´s Canister, by Pr Chris Busby – Swedish Forsmark Final Nuclear Waste Repository report


Pr Busby concludes that the documentation provided shows that the safety case is not made. The Radiation Risk model of the ICRP which is employed by SKB is unsafe for exposures to internal radionuclides. The model of the ECRR should be employed. The documentation is biased and spun in favour of the project and omits a significant number of calculations and information necessary to properly evaluate the whole process. In particular, the activities between the removal of the fuel from the reactors and the placement of the sealed canisters in the repository are not properly discussed or evaluated. Finally Pr Busby shows that the project must fail because the alpha particle derived Helium gas produced in the reference scenario will cause the sealed canisters to explode in the 1000 year time frame. This would effectively destroy all life in the Baltic Sea and make the coasts uninhabitable. He lists a series of questions and asks for missing analyses and data.

Download:    forsmark_final repository ecrr_busby 20120531

Fukushima worse than Chernobyl for radioactive emissions

Press Release 11.03.2012

A report by Prof Chris Busby released today from Green Audit uses the most recent (March 1st 2012) data published by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Kjeller, Norway, to show that the Fukushima catastrophe released 9 times more of the  radioactive gas Xe-133 to the atmosphere than Chernobyl accident did in 1986. Using the most authoritative and agreed estimated releases of the nuclide Caesium 137 only, he shows that the releases from Fukushima and Chernobyl are, in fact comparable. This gives the lie to the many statements in the media that the releases from Fukushima are 1/10th those from Chernobyl. Prof Busby’s report also uses theoretical arguments and published data from standard works on radiation inventories of nuclear power plants to show that these estimates and findings are reasonable.

It follows that the Fukushima catastrophe was more serious in terms of its releases of these two nuclides than Chernobyl. This is not surprising since there were three reactors breached at Fukushima to one at Chernobyl of equivalent capacity, said Busby.  Total Fukushima releases exceeded 2 x 1019 Bq (20EBq) and were overall more than twice the releases from Chernobyl. The high population density of the area contaminated makes this a more serious issue for health than the Chernobyl releases. These findings support the early assessment made by Prof Busby in March and later in August 2011 and the many statements he made to the BBC, ITV, and Russia Today and show that those many pro nuclear experts who talked down the seriousness of the catastrophe were wrong.

Busby draws attention to the fact that a large number of radionuclides were released which were not measured or listed, including the beta emitters Tritium, Barium 140 and Lanthanum 140, and including the alpha emitters Plutonium and Uranium, none of which can be measured with normal equipment.

Busby said: Of course what we are really interested in here is the health outcome, which in my opinion will be worse than Chernobyl’s since the population density in the areas in Japan where these substances were dispersed is greater than Chernobyl. Those who mislead the public on this issue of health, who use the outdated and incorrect ICRP risk model, are worse than those who misled on the basis of the comparison with the releases since at least if we concede this, people can be evacuated and the health consequences will be reduced. All the evidence points to an error in the ICRP model of three orders of magnitude for internal exposures to the nuclides released by Fukushima, errors that have been conceded by their outgoing Scientific Secretary, Jack Valentin and errors that will be expressed in the population of Japan in t e next ten years in very real terms.

Download :    fukushima chernobyl comparison report 11.03.2012

See more on Japan:  http://www.bsrrw.org/?page_id=1485

NEW BOOK. Fukushima and Health – What to Expect. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, Lesvos, Greece, May5th/6th 2009. Edited by: Christopher Busby, Joseph Busby, Ditta Rietuma and Mireille de Messieres.    Teaser video 32 min  

Order the book on  http://www.amazon.com/Fukushima-Health-Proceedings-International-Conference/dp/1897761171

NATO Game Over 2012

Clip of the NATO Game Over campaign 2012        www.warstartshere.eu

Latvia, Riga action against NPP in Lithuania, Visaginas


By ZP.lv

Sign petition DON´t BOMB IRAN


Swedish Enriched Uranium weapons used in Lybia? Exports grow

See the Enriched Uranium weapons burned corpses at 5 min 30 s in the video


We demand Swedish weapons indutry to report all types of weapons produced. Swedish export of weapons has grown fr 3 billion SEK in 2001 to 13,6 in 2009.  http://www.bsrrw.org/?page_id=13

BSRRW etc Complaint to the Chancellor of Justice of Sweden

BSRRW, ECRR, IFRRR and ECRR-group at Karolinska Institute requires access to judicial proceedings, for redress and remedy, reviewing legitimacy of the behavior of the State and its appointed instruments in the matters of the environmental radioactive contamination of the Baltic Sea and its effect on the Human Rights and the Environment. Failure to obtain proper consideration for redress in Sweden will result in us taking the case to the International Court of Justice…

Download Full Complaint:   ECRR BSRRW etc Complaint to Justice Chancelor of Sweden

See the impotent answer we received: Answer fr Sw Justice Chancelor 2011

Our request for further action followed: Request to Justitiekanslern of Sweden

See the impotent answer nr 2 we received:  Chancelor of Justice reply 2 SWE PDF


Be with us on the bike ride as we delivered the Complaint 23-09-2011. Video:

11/09/2011 – Six months Fukushima black anniversary and 10th black anniversary of 9/11 event

Open letter of BSRRW general secretary Ditta Rietuma:

Download:    Open Letter 6 months Fukushima, 10 years 9/11

Anti Nuclear Declaration of 8 EU countries – ministers of Austria, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta and Portugal.  2011-05-25.

Declaration of the 8 anti nuclear EU states

Radioactivity levels of radionuclides in the Baltic Sea

Check the PDF  — combined scanned pages from HELCOM and STUK scientific documents. Put notice that the last paper shows that the water itself is radioactive in the Baltic Sea, as the level of salt is low. http://www.bsrrw.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/BS-radioactive-.pdf

Shame on NATO-Sweden in Baltic States

Agneta Norberg (Swedish Peace Council) shocked by what NATO-Sweden is doing to Baltic states – meaning the destruction of national economies by financial occupation of Baltic banking and pushed engagement of Baltic countries in NATO wars.

Another VIDEO. NATO nuke strangled hold on the global scale. See Norberg describe the global NATO network of thousands of bases with nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines

Christoph Hoerstel on Libya: NATO uses uranium weapons and bombers from Denmark

Alarming suspicion about the armour-piercing, radioactive weapons being deployed by foreign forces on Libya is natural now. The U.S. says ‘it’s not aware’ depleted uranium’s being used, while the UK’s flatly denying it. Political observer Christoph Hoerstel says NATO’s chief members have a habit of using uranium weapons – and it’s likely Libya’s in line.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SMYL4iZQnY

Explore the NATO Uranium anti-tank weapons being used by the “rebels” in Lybia


Fukusima Uranium particles in air filters 1000s of km from Japan. Pr C. Busby, ECRR, www.euradcom.org

fukushima Uranium particles in filters 1000s of km away

The Health of at least 400.000 people will be Cost for Nuclear Industry Conspiracy! Evacuations fr wide area around Fukusima have to start NOW!


Pr Chris Busby on infertility risk around Fukushima, Japan, etc

Pr A.Yablokov and Pr C.Busby on Fukushima victim estimations

ECRR Report  on radioactivity risk estimation for Fukusima, 30-03-2011:


ECRR prediction – at least 400.000 cancers in 50 years in 200 km radius fr Fukusima! This estimation does not include infertility risks and is based on an IAEA cover upp doses, that may under-report the contamination levels up to 10 times.

See the ECRR board mebers Jablokov and Busby on Video, Berlin Radiation Risk Kongres, 7 april 2011:


ECRR radioactivity risk estimation Guide (in 5 min):

Predicts well risk for several types of Cancer, 600 – 1000 s of times (depending on atomic nr) higher than ICRP model advocated by IAEA. Still no modeling tool to predict infertility risk jet (see http://www.bsrrw.org/?page_id=778 )

ECRR radioactivity risk estimation practical guide

SOS. Several Nuclear Explosions in Japan!!!

Hundreds of tons of radioactive material may have been reliesed into the atmosphere in Japan since 11th of March. Here is a video of Reactor 3, with a pool of spent nuclear fuel above it, exploding on 14th of March.

Who manages H.A.A.R.P.?


Get national radioactivity measures! :


As for the BSRRW own air measures taken in central Riga, Latvia, no increase above 0.02 (200nSv/h) has been seen during 12-28th of March. Period 29th -2nd of March the measures are teaken in Stockholm, Sweden, and are slightly higher – around 0.025-8 (250- 280 nSv/h),  March the 3rd: 0,032 ( 320 nSv/h), april 5-7 :  0,020-5. In Berlin  10th of April 0,01-0,008. In Riga 12th of April 0,015.

Earthquakes in BSR: http://www.bsrrw.org/?page_id=15

Baltic Sea Region speaking!

This is a radioactivity monitoring webside of the Baltic Sea Region Radioactivity Watch network.

We invite everybody involved in the subject of radioactivity to send us the information about Yourself and Your networks, the weblinks and the materials that could fit into the areas of the subjects listed in the frame of the website.

Let´s come together, right now, as in the tunes of that wonderful song… It is only Love that will get us through the nuclear rennaissance plans of the determined!

Contact by email: info@bsrrw.org

Follow the developments in Japan on:



A short tutorial on how radioactivity causes birth defects and cancer at a cellular level.


INTO ETERNITY – film on final nuclear waste repository in Finland

Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storage. In Finland the world’s first permanent repository is being hewn out of rock – a huge system of underground tunnels – that must last 45 billion years as this is how long the waste remains hazardous (U half-life is 4,5 bln and x 10 to loose all activity).

Open IFRR Presentation to the UN, 22-09-2010

International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk presentation of the urgency of the rescue of the Divine Security Cultures in the Baltic Sea Region to heal the Uranium etc contamination wounds of the world:

Resque Humanity IFRR

Enjoy some informative VIDEOs and a SONG:

Wider info on the  Nuclear Baltic Sea Tour events in Riga on http://www.bsrrw.org/?page_id=890 but some activities were captured by the russian Baltijskoje TV 1:


German government & Co met 03.06.10 in Berlin to decide whether to extend and for how many years the NPP running period. Campact.de demonstration had a definite opinion:


Instead – create the next level of a Resource Based Economy!

A draft of a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium:


Professor Chris Busby performing a nuclear “contaminated” song at the Criminalise War conference 2007:

Ulla Klötzer on Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor, final waste repository, uranium mining, EURATOM Treaty

European Spallation Source to be built in Lund, Sweden: by Per Hegelund