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Studies of radionuclides in the air:

Teratogenicity of depleted uranium aerosols: A review from an epidemiological perspective

Rita Hindin, Doug Brugge and Bindu Panikkar

… “Depleted uranium is being used increasingly often as a component of munitions in military conflicts. Military personnel, civilians and the DU munitions producers are being exposed to the DU aerosols that are generated.

Methods. We reviewed toxicological data on both natural and depleted uranium. We included peer reviewed studies and gray literature on birth malformations due to natural and depleted uranium. Our approach was to assess the “weight of evidence” with respect to teratogenicity of depleted uranium.

Results. Animal studies firmly support the possibility that DU is a teratogen. While the detailed pathways by which environmental DU can be internalized and reach reproductive cells are not yet fully elucidated, again, the evidence supports plausibility. To date, human epidemiological data include case examples, disease registry records, a case-control study and prospective longitudinal studies.

Discussion. The two most significant challenges to establishing a causal pathway between (human) parental DU exposure and the birth of offspring with defects are: i) distinguishing the role of DU from that of exposure to other potential teratogens; ii) documentation on the individual level of extent of parental DU exposure. Studies that use biomarkers, none yet reported, can help address the latter challenge. Thoughtful triangulation of the results of multiple studies (epidemiological and other) of DU teratogenicity contributes to disentangling the roles of various potentially teratogenic parental exposures. This paper is just such an endeavor.

Conclusion. In aggregate the human epidemiological evidence is consistent with increased risk of birth defects in offspring of persons exposed to DU.”…

Fukusima-Chernobyl POEM

By Herbert Nehrlich 2011

The World’s New Master

Chernobyl was the Devil’s plan

perhaps he now has picked Japan.

Like Nine- One -One, numbers amuse

a quarter century of clues

were thrown at man, yet no one heard.

They did not see how man had erred

in splitting atoms yet ignore

the wisdom learned some time before,

rebuilding of the cities maimed

while altruism was proclaimed.

The twenty-sixth of April sticks

in mind and I believe there ticks

a clock that cannot be re-set

while man repays a heavy debt.

One month before the dates converge

the earth may undergo a purge,

whereby black clouds and silent rays

will take all joy from nights and days.

The chosen ones must stand in line

for radioactive iodine,

and Caesi-um, one thirty-seven

will send you on your way to Heaven,

or Hell, it matters little though,

you’ll wear a halo and a glow.

Four days is what ye gods permit

on Saturday, it will be it.

If mercy, luck and plain old chance

can resurrect haphazard plans

and implement a stay once more,

we’ll see the blowing of the core

which will (let us not pussyfoot)

make water, soil and air kaputt.

For centuries no living thing

would be, no bird again would sing,

and carcasses of fowl and fish

would slowly re-create man’s wish

to live in peace and harmony

with Nature so that he shall be

not to exploit but part of it.

We’ve clearly shown we are not fit

to live unfettered lives, because

we fabricate new shyster’s laws,

usurping what was handed us

and always searching for a plus

to add and fill huge sacks and chests,

man always feathers his own nest.

And, from the ashes soon will rise

the cockroach (well, it’s no surprise),

he is the one that shrugs off rays,

which proves that simple living pays.

You see, he lives within his means,

he’ll thrive in kitchens, dens, latrines,

and eat whatever he can find,

he picks a corner to unwind,

but most of all, he does not tilt

at windmills and he feels no guilt,

due to the gist of his beliefs

he looks at us as rabid thieves.

I do suppose you knew that roach

can use his natural approach

and deal with radiation’s woes……..

he looks quite handsome when he glows.

If we should see disaster’s worst,

zircalloy rods and chamber burst,

the deaths of millions but not all…….

let’s see it as a final call.

Should we be spared the path is clear

Luddism may well lead the fear,

but arrogance and endless greed

of that we do have little need.

God gave us all the proper tools,

the use of which be taught in schools,

the sun, the oceans, fossils, gas,

the trees and fruits, the green green grass,

back to the land, let Nature be

the guiding force for you and me.

Lest we accept this crucial deal

know ye, there won’t be an appeal,

mankind will perish as the coach

the world’s new master be the roach.