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Westinghouse may increase production of nuclear fuel at the plant in Västerås, Sweden,  by 50 percent

Published October 23, 2009 – 13:53

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Environment Court has given permission Westinghouse AB to increase production of nuclear fuel at the plant in Västerås by 50 percent.

The amount of uranium oxide produced may increase from 600 to 900 tons converted ditto per year in fuel fabrication plants in Finnslätten.

The company may also be authorized to handle and store low-level waste in the area pending the completion of a central facility built for the disposal of waste.

Four kilograms of uranium to the effluent

In addition, Westinghouse permission to release out 4 kg of uranium, 75 kg and 400 kg of fluorine nitrate per year of effluent. Storm water spigot directly to Svartån deemed not need to be purified.

Environmental Court also provides a temporary permit to emit increasing amounts of such dioxide from its plant redox catalyst for a intrimmningsperiod.

The basic quantities, which then temporarily be exceeded, is 10 tons of ammonia, 10 tons of methanol and ethanol, and 8 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide.

Västerås Municipality’s Environmental and Consumer Board believes that it must have better control of emissions associated with the running of the catalytic site.

A key issue in the appeal has been whether the ionizing wastes should be treated separately (by the Radiation Protection Authority) or whether it should be included in the overall environmental assessment. The Court considered that the management of radioactive waste to be included in the environmental assessment.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is in Toshiba empire.

Owners: Toshiba (77%) (majority owner), The Shaw Group (20%), IHI (3%). Toshiba Corporation ( is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. You will not find a word on their world webbsite about Fukushima 9 days after the nuclear disaster there. http://www.toshiba.co.jp/worldwide/

Westinghouse Electric Company provides fuel, services, technology, plant design, and equipment for the commercial nuclear electric power industry.