Where to place a transmutation plant?

Per Hegelund, Anti-Nuclear Magasine, page 3. (Click here on Your right side)

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“(…) Among the strongest promoters of ESS in Sweden, you also find the strongest advocates for the theory of “transmuting” nuclear waste: examples are Prof. Waclaw Gudowski, transmutation champion of the Swedish scientific community – and liberal party ex-leader Lars Leionborg, who still wants to build 4 new reactors in Sweden (in spite of the referendum) and likes to believe in transmutation.

Rubbia’s invention. “The liberal-rightwing government asked the former Swedish EU Commissioner and finance minister, Allan Larsson, to investigate the possibilities of getting the European Spallation Source project to Sweden. He recommended this and now Allan Larsson has joined a group – together with Professor & Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia, inventor of the ideas of transmutation! – which advise the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso on energy and climate change issues. Allan Larsson also represents the University of Lund – and in his report to the government he lists 9 areas that will be particularly aff ected by ESS: the one he mentions at the top of the list is nuclear technology.

EU interests. Once the enormous investments have been made in the European Spallation Source in Lund – there may be no turning back! And no matter what local garanties we are given, EU interests and EU law will override national interests in the end!

If the spallation target is surrounded by an assembly of nuclear fuel, there is a possibility of sustaining a fission reaction. “This is described as an Accelerator – Driven System (ADS) or an Energy Amplifi er, which are the systems thought out by Carlo Rubbia.

Even if none of the local people involved with the ESS project will admit that such a plant is on the drawing board, there are scientists working on the development of drafts of such transmutation plants in many Technical Universities. And where else would they advise to place transmutation plants than at the location with billions of Euro’s already invested in ESS (and with one of the world’s first final nuclear waste repositories in the making).

That’s why it is so important to act now, before these expensive investments are established here (…)”