Swedish weapon export rose fr 3,1 billion SEK 2001 to 13,6 mdkr 2009

Life is Ok in Sweden as the swedish war economy thrives of the genetical annihilation wars with Enriched Uranium weapons in Iraq and Libya. Westinghouse has severe investments in Sweden.

Svensk vapenexport steg fr 3,1 miljarder SEK 2001 till 13, 6 mdkr 2009.


Criminalise War ?!  VIDEOs

HE Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia at the War Crimes Conference & Exhibition that took place at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 28th October 2009.

part 1    War is Murder + Imagine Nuclear War …

part 2    Depleted Uranium Weapons + Weapon Merchant Arms Race…


part 3    Dropping an Atomic bomb while enjoying a glass of bear and saving the “Democracy”


part 4    Diabolic bombs penetrate concrete + Moral Force + Tribunal + Independent Int. Court


part 5   to the Torture exhibition + (7th min) wax copies of deformed babies caused by Uranium ammunition (DU)


VIDEO: Uranium ammunition (DU) consekvences in Iraque, 3 parts

Sjur Papazian, a norwegian activist: Uranium ammunition (DU) consekvences in Iraque. A conference arranged in Stockholm 14-15 november 2009 by the Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons and ARK (www.uraniumconference.org Aktionsgruppen mot radioaktiv krigföring – actiongroup against radioactive warfare).



Part 2


Part 3


The use of depleted uranium ammunition during NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

By Milan ZARICH, Slobodan PETKOVICH, Zoran DEVI

…”There is no doubt that NATO used DU ammunition in Bosnia in 1994 and 1995. It is also common knowledge that many NATO armies are equipped with DU ammunition in various calibres (from 20 up to 155 mm) as a standard part of certain weapon systems. “…


True purpose of nuclear industry