SKB, Posiva & Areva

Irresponsible SKB

BSRRW contacted SKB  on several ocations, both calling several responsible as well as sending emails to them, asking for a separate price to the Baltic Sea NGOs to make it possible for all BS country NGOs to attend the Conference on Nuclear Waste 3-4th of May 2011, the fee is 3.500 SEK  otherwise. NO RESPONSE still today on the 25th of April.

Kristina Vikström, Lars Birgerson and Saida Larouchi Engström are not interested in a democratic process. The main manager of the Conference Kristina Vikström did not even know what Espoo Cnvention is.

SKB in Sweden & Posiva in Finland are managing  the designs of nuclear waste repositories

The original intention was to dispose of the spent nuclear fuel ”abroad” and “in an irreversible manner”. In spite of this aim, the purpose of the research, studies and planning associated with nuclear waste management was defined to be provision for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in Finland. The final disposal site was to be selected in 2000 and the final disposal should be able to begin in 2020.

EIA, environmental impact assesment, for Olkiluoto repository You will find among aother links:

The AREVA-Siemens consortium

charged with building Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant and its customer TVO have made a joint assessment of the state of progress of the project. The consortium forecasts that the new plant will be commissioned during the 2nd quarter of 2010, with electricity being generated for the first time at the end of 2009.

AREVA’s activities are organized into five Business Groups. Mines groups the uranium mines exploration and operation activities. The Front End converts and enriches the uranium and designs the fuel for the nuclear reactors. Reactors and Services groups the activities of design and construction of nuclear reactors and propulsion and research reactors, and the activities of maintenance of the nuclear power plants. The Back End recycles the used fuel and provides transport, clean-up and dismantling services. Renewable Energy develops wind energy, bioenergy, solar power and hydrogen power solutions.