US and Sweden preparing the murder of WikiLeaks Assange

Who Trusts the Mainstream Media !?!

“Is it a problem that the top six media corporations dominate the information flow to most of the developed world? I think so. Multi-billion SDR (Have the globalists imploded it yet? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself). Multi-billion DOLLAR conglomerates, to use John Perkins‘ visualisation; “float around the globe like clouds”, with no loyalty to any particular nation, regardless if they have a head office in the very land mass in to which they pump warmongering patriotism and mainstream fear. Oh, and abdominal exerciser infomercials….”

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is among owners of CBS media empire.

Owners: Toshiba (77%) (majority owner), The Shaw Group (20%), IHI (3%). Westinghouse Electric Company provides fuel, services, technology, plant design, and equipment for the commercial nuclear electric power industry.

In 1995, Westinghouse Electric Corporation acquired CBS for $5.4 billion. As one of the major broadcasting group owners of commercial radio and television stations (as Group W) since 1920, Westinghouse sought to transition from a station operator into a major media company with its purchase of CBS. This was followed in 1997 with the $4.9-billion purchase of Infinity Broadcasting Corporation, owner of more than 150 radio stations. Also that year, Westinghouse began the CBS Cable division by acquiring two existing cable channels (Gaylord’s The Nashville Network and Country Music Television) and starting a new one (CBS Eye on People, which was later sold to Discovery Communications)…

WikiLeaks and Sweden of Baltic Sea Region

The WikiLeaks founder talks about secrets, leaks and why he will not go back to Sweden.

Assange´s mother – an Australian anti-nuclear activist:

Douglas McNabb from McNabbFerrari lawyers discusses Viktor Bout’s and Julian Assange’s upcoming court hearings


As the media of the world is in the hands of a scarce group, the WikiLeaks website is fast gaining credibility as a whistleblowing site for political and business secrets. The Australian Julian Assange is the face of Wiki Leaks. His biggest coup so far has been obtaining classified video of Iraqi civilians and Reuters staff being gunned down by a US military helicopter, dubbed Collateral Murder, which has been watched over six million times.

In another video, down here, he even mentions that a satelite was launched by NASA that contained 50 kg of Plutonium. He together with us others is even actively supporting the hopeful process of Iceland becoming the Worlds Independent Media State and refuge for the censuore haunted journalists like him.

Icelandic Modern Media Iniciative

Iceland is at a unique crossroads. Because of an economic meltdown in the banking sector, a deep sense is among the nation that a fundamental change is needed in order to prevent such events from taking place again. At such times it is important to seek a collective future vision and take a course that will bring the nation and the parliament closer together.

On February 17th a parliamentary resolution will be filed at the Icelandic parliament suggesting that Iceland will position itself legally with regard to the protection of freedoms of expression and information. This suggestion for a future vision has sparked great enthusiasm both within the parliament and among those it has been introduced to.

Iceland is a great place to run large internet sites. It has cheap 100% green power, natural cooling, plenty of bandwidth and is close to both Europe and the east cost of the United States.

A keen interest has developed among the foreign press in relation to this legislative proposal, perhaps because all over the world the freedom to write news is increasingly being smothered. In their mind Iceland could become the anti-dote to tax havens: a journalism paradise.

The suggestions in the proposal for a legislative package would transform the possibilities for growth in various areas. Iceland could become an ideal environment for Internet-based international media and publishers to register their services, start-ups, data centers and human rights organizations. It could be a lever for the economy and create new work employment opportunities.