Joachim Rücker in Almedalen, Sweden, on fazing out NP until 2022

July 2011

Harry Lehmann: Without Nuclear Energy in Japan and Germany.

In German.    Berlin, 9-04–2011

Two forced shutdowns – In what state is really the NPP Gundremmingen?

The revision of the block C in the nuclear power station was, according to a published Gundremmingen RWE-term plan of 27.9. until 22.10. last. Twice now, the reactor during start zwangsabgeschaltet.


Aktenzeichen NPP – Nuclear power and the state of affairs in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria

8 of 17 nuclear power plants have technical deficiencies. The reportable errors by nuclear power plant operators to take. The question of the disposal sites is not clear. The public debate about nuclear power does not stop. This is a short, but still far from complete description of the state of affairs. The Country report asks in Lower Saxony, Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt after.


Mythos Atomkraft, März 2010. Warum der nukleare Pfad ein Irrweg ist Mit Beiträgen von Antony Froggatt, Mycle Schneider, Steve Thomas, Otfried Nassauer und Henry D. Sokolski
Barsebäcksoffensiv (Germany and Sweden)

We are a network of German and Swedish activists fighting for a global phase-out of nuclear power. Our vision is a democratic, regional and sustainable energy supply. BARSEBÄCKSOFFENSIV was built as a reaction to the diminishing democratic control over Swedish and German energy supplyers when cities and communities sold the shares they had in them.

The Nuclear-Free Future Awards

Announcing the Annual Nuclear-Free Future Award Recipients:

BUND / Friends of the Earth Germany (Germany)

Chernobyl +20 (Germany)

Chernobyl +20 is a series of joint events in spring 2006 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Chernobyl +20 is organised by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) in cooperation with the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) and the European East-West Academy for Culture and the Media (EOWA).

Contratom is an independent information network against nuclear power and advocates the immediate abandonment of the use of nuclear energy. Site provides information on the reverse side of a form of energy that can exist only for a few decades and exposes us to great risks.

Nuclear Heritage Network

Twice a year we organize international network meetings, there are several mailing lists for communication and several international cooperation projects. We are also developing informational material on local topics in different languages for international use.

Nuking the Climate (Germany)

Welcome to the website of the documentary film „Nuking the Climate – Strahlendes Klima“! We are producing a documentary film about the global context of nuclear power and uranium mining. We are involving ourselves in the current debate about environmentally friendly sources of energy. In Europe nuclear energy is more and more often celebrated as saving the climate.

Shut down Fessenheim and Phase out Nuclear Power

Fessenheim is a specially symbolic place for all those who demand the end of atomic power production. During October 2009, the production of this, the oldest French atomic power station, will be stopped for its third ten-year visit. The inspection is to decide whether to shut down the plant and its two reactors, or to continue production for 10 more years.

Strahlentelex mit ElektrosmogReport (Germany)

Strahlentelex ist ein unabhängiger Informationsdienst zu Radioaktivität, Strahlung und Gesundheit mit den Schwerpunkten Strahlenschutz, Strahlenfolgen, Strahlenwirkungen und Strahlenrisiken in Haushalt, Medizin und Umwelt. Die aktuelle Ausgabe gibt Ihnen einen Einblick in die gegenwärtige Diskussion. (Germany) (Germany)