The new reactor being built

The AREVA-Siemens consortium employees 3,600 people from 60 countries on the Olkiluoto 3 site.


Olkiluoto Blocade 28.08.2010


Hello friends all over Europe!

We want to thank all the foreign organisations and movements that supported the Olkiluoto Blockade in Finland! Some 100 – 200 persons took part in the blockade, but despite the rather small number it was a total success. 42 different organisations/movements supported the blockade. 28 foreign and 14 Finnish. GREAT COOPERATION!

We were main news on the radio and television the whole day on all possible channels.
Most Finnish newspapers have been writing about the blockade. Most of them also with a picture/pictures.

Video on News. Here is a television channel sending news in Swedish. At this channel you can also see/hear comments in English from Falk Beyer/Germany and Andrey Ozharovskiy/Russia.

http://areena.yle.fi/video/1234978 (you have to open the window by the small text “avaa ikkuna”)

At the homepage below Falk has written a comment on the blockade and there are great pictures. Have a look!


The nuclear waste seminar on Sunday was also a success. Professor Nils-Axel Mörner (geologist) from Sweden spent 2 days in the Olkiluoto surroundings measuring and photographing the rock formations, faults etc. He came up with interesting new findings showing that the Olkiluoto region is not suitable for a waste repository for spent fuel. The sad fact, however is that it is already under construction and will according to Posiva (the waste company) be taken into use 2020.
So much work ahead to stop this project!
At the seminar also Jean-Yvon Landrac/France talked about the French situation. Andrey Ozharovskiy/Russia talked about problems with Leningrad nuclear power plant (Sosnovy Bor) and uranium transports in the Baltic. Maria Nuutinen/Finland talked about the waste problem of the EPR reactor.


Ulla Klötzer, Women Against Nuclear Power – Finland, ullaklotzer@yahoo.com

Tarna Kannisto, coordinator Olkiluoto blockade

PÅ SVENSKA. Finska riksdagens beslut den 1.7.2010 att tillåta byggandet av två nya reaktorer saknar folkets stöd. Beslutet visar vilken skamlös och skrämmande inflytelserik industri det är fråga om. Men beslutet kan kullkastas. Detta kräver dock ytterst aktiva insatser!   ALDRIG, ALDRIG ger vi upp!!!

Article by  Falk Beyer, Germany:


“Saturday August 26 was the day of the first publicly announced blockade of a nuclear site in Finland ever. Some 100 activists from Finland and other countries did several blockades on the roads to the nuclear power plant. While a bigger blockade with picnics, sit-ins and other activities closed the entry to the main access road to the NPP blockading also several times the highway passing this place, smaller action groups showed up at many points on the roads to the power station. The police could not prevent mpst of the actions, although they closed a huge area of public roads for everyone who was not a resident or NPP worker. Even media had no access to that region. However, activists used the forrests to reach the forbidden area and successfully blockaded many roads for up to nine hours.

While smaller action groups had spread over the region closed for public by the police for that day and did several blockades with sit-ins and lock-ons, a bigger group of more than 50 activists blockaded the access from the highway E8 to the main road to the nuclear power plant (NPP) Olkiluoto for some 9 hours. In the time between they several times also blockaded the highway for a couple of minutes.

The police had announced a few days before to follow the wishes of TVO (operator of the NPP) to keep the roads open and allow protest only besides the streets. Rumors said that (para-)military and special riot police forces were stationed at the NPP and in the forests close to the power station. There have been also police on the water around the peninsula, some people reported. Actually, most blockaders just saw a few police units at the main access road junction to the highway and at important junctions of smaller access roads to the NPP, where they had street barricades to stop public from reaching this public area.

In Finland’s countryside “everyone’s right” is ruling – private property owners of land can’t prohibit anyone to go to the forests, camp there, have camp fire etc. Only a small circle of a couple of meters around houses are protected against trespassing. Anyway, there are exceptions for capitalist companies (of course), and the NPP has a security area because of risks of terrorist attacks and whatever. But even they are limited and although a huge area around Olkiluoto is owned by the atomic industry the prohibited area is small and public is allowed to use the forests very close to the power station.

People made music, had talks with local people, showed banners to the cars on the highway next to the blockade, discussed about nuclear power and chances to fight against it and had picnics, coffee + cakes. Cars leaving the nuclear area were usually allowed to pass the blockade as well as ambulance or other emergency cars. In the beginning the police forced people to let a few trucks pass, too. But later, when the blockade had been completely established and the smaller blockades of other roads were also closing streets, traffic had been stopped here totally.

 ENTFERNMICH.info@olkiluotoblockade.info   http://olkiluotoblockade.info  

” ALDRIG, ALDRIG ger vi upp!!!