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Per Hegelund´s PP presentation on Studsvik,  Baltic Sea Tour 2010:

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Secret method cleans steel from uranium – Radioactive waste from Germany is being cleaned in Sweden 

PUBLISHED 2000-04-26, 14:00, translation from:


Quote: “Studsvik Radwaste (swedish company) has develop a method to cleane steel which has been contaminated with uranium.”

“This is a question of credibility with the public and our customers, says Göran Larén, producer at Sandvik. – There was a case which got a lot of attention when an english steel company received a batch of deregulated radioactive material, which after dilution ended up in products which were considered sensitive. In that case it was steelsheets used to make cans for babyfood. And when the media picked up on this and said, this should not be allowed in Sweden – then we had to retreat. And the wariness is similar in other countries.

We, the Swedish steelcompanies, are not prepared to be the forerunners and say – we are ready to use this raw material – if our collegues around the world will not. But if we get a consensus about this and if the authorities are willing to help us convince the press and the public, that this is fully acceptable, then we will consider it. –

Contaminated materials is a growing problem for the nuclear industry. When old reactors have to be decommissioned there will be very large quantities of contaminated materials, which will otherwise have to be stored in confinement, if we can’t somehow deregulate and reuse it.” (End of quote)

BSRRW Comment:

Studsvik is becoming a leading global company with the business idea of  ‘recycling’ of the radioactive waste, using the sales argument that they use methods that are approved in Sweden! Studsvik has drawn up contracts with the English Sellafield – where they promise to ‘recycle’ more than 90 % of the radioactive waste in question and also to take some of the more difficult parts of the waste to Sweden for treatment, by seatransports through the narrow straits of the Baltic Sea – the most radioactive body of water in the entire world!

It is time to warn the public and for consumers to demand from the producers, a guaranty that the Volvo we buy, or the knives and forks that we eat with or the cans of babyfood, have verifiably not been produced from radioactive waste metals !!!