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Christoph Hoerstel on Libya: NATO uses uranium weapons and bombers from Denmark

Alarming suspicion about the armour-piercing, radioactive weapons being deployed by foreign forces on Libya is natural now. The U.S. says ‘it’s not aware’ depleted uranium’s being used, while the UK’s flatly denying it. Political observer Christoph Hoerstel says NATO’s chief members have a habit of using uranium weapons – and it’s likely Libya’s in line.

NATO used Uranium weapons in Libya will cause cancer and mutations

Libya trophy is gas & oil to UN top: Michel Chossudovsky

Latvia against UN Libya invasion: and NationalState.INFO general secretary Ditta Rietuma at the UK and France Embassies in Riga 03.10.2011:

The 2 documents: NATO Latvian State model A STALP Sect

appeal to UN:  Appeal Lybia NATO agression 3.10.2011 V. Nikulin

Videos with speaches of Ditta and Valerija Nikulin:

Ditta Rietuma at the US Embassy in Riga 26.03.2011:

Environmental Protection Club VAK :     Against NATO in Libija. VAK, Latvia

Valerij Nikulin at the US Embassy in Riga 26.03.2011 (in russian):

Speach  Против НАТО в Ливии. Valerij Nikulin

NATO Uranium anti-tank weapons used by “rebels” in Lybia

Libyan Rebels from Feb 17 2011  armed coup attempt to overthrow Libya Government had Brand New Weapons from the first day of the Uprising. These weapons were of non-Libya origin and had already been secretly imported into Libya in advance of Feb 17. These are millions of dollars of brand new light and heavy weaponry that is advanced technical stutff.

What we see here is that there are Secret foreign benefactors giving State of the Art Weapons to Benghazi Terror Gangs in the Coup Attempt and the Video even shows White Western Trainers showing them how to use the weapons against the Libyan Army.

This whole phony uprising stinks to “high hell” as a CIA Mi6 French Intelligence type of “Bay of Pigs” type of “sequel”. The Benghazi terrorist Libyan Rebels from the Feb 17 uprising appear to be paid mercenaries and Libyan expatriates mixed in with naive students and Al Qaeda veteran foreign fighters who each hope that they will come out on top.

Gaddafi and the Libyan people know that the Rebels are Traitors and Terrorists and Expatriate Libyans on CIA and Mi6 payroll who have been sent back and infiltrated into Libya as part of this Coup attempt against the Libya Government of Col Muammar Al Gaddafi, the Brotherly Leader.

Gaddafi and the Libya Army are going to crush and kill without mercy all of these armed foreign Mercenaries and agents and will Humiliate the United States, France and Britain before the eyes of the world.

Uranium weapons are used by NATO even in Libya war