National State

To stop the process of destruction of the nations, we are uniting the open minds and the warm hearts. This is  a universal non-political program network to balance the resources of every nation to the well-being and independence. Experts are uniting in all basic fields: economists, lawyers, ecologists, farmers, programmers, statisticians, physicists, mathematicians, officers and generals, managers, philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors … – But for the structurisation of the System first those who think systemically and have capacity to see how to restructure the system itself. 

Baltic Sun System Model

Scientific and non-political-nonreligious -universal model. 


14 basic rays of the National Competence Solar Structure for national welfare.
Objective: To create a system design where the nation thrives

 1st      Activisation in the natural Universal Solar System where the strongest heat and light source supports all life, leaving behind the dominance of the pyramidal (slaves, slave drivers, slave owners).

 2nd      National Constitution and its rules and laws passed – the Election Law, Agrarian Reform, Export Tariffs, foreign land property Nationalisation Law. Abandonment of the political party power system. Efectivisation of the state.
3rd      State care guaranteeing the resident welfare through the scientifically based computer program budget, that provides basic security for everyone. Social security. National population identification.

4th      Natioanl commercial bank restoration, the independence status of the national currency updated, printed on the territory of the Nation. Bretton Woods 2 international agreement. 

 5th      Environmental and military protection of the nation. Realisation of the existential threats. Negotiations and contracts with the military and global power structures. 

 6th      Peace, harmony, balance. Balance between the internal and external. Harmony is in peace within ourselves and with the others, in self-sufficiency and unity, as well as in the understanding and acceptance, where fear, manipulation and lies are left within the filter  

7th        National health and existence. National programs for return to the holy homeland and rehabilitation of the nation. National population recovery. 

8th        National ethnical culture  league. National codex. Conscious Identity and Loyalty. National culture as the center of the ethnical culture flower for all ethnical resident groups of the nation. 

9th       Nation´s land and property, industrial and manufacturing sector Inventory and the use in the  interests of the nation. National basic self-providing internal market and labor market. 

 10th      Environmentally friendly modern Energy and responsible use of the natural resources, which ensures their protection even for future generations. 

11th       Life Long Education Programme, contributing to a rich spiritual world and providing an abundance of material goods, a thriving economy and favorable external markets. 

 12th       Computer Open Source Systems program where each resident may leave recommendations for improving the system. 

13th        National control and the state apparatus. Structure that preserves National interests, principles, objectives, examines the mass media, controls government and parliamentary work, effectively providing for the national sovereign power to belong to the people  of the Nation”. 

14th       Love – of the country and the people. I  love myself /you / the world as the grass grows and  your /  the world´s love is filling me. Only the Nation loving have acces to decission levels in the territory of the Nation. 

Watch the appeal at the UN in Geneve 22-09-2010: