Re-Population stops the hidden warfare matrix of De-Population and restaures peoples 

Jesuits have proclaimed the silent weapons of the ongoing global quiet war already in 1954  through Bilderberg arrangements

The eminent Kevin Galalae has summoned most of the hidden weapons of the ongoing global silent war into his works, some of which are published here due to his withdrawal fr the public arena


Surviving Depop (guide)

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Depopulation Matrix, unfinished draft

The implicit justification for depopulation is the belief that the planet has a limited carrying capacity. It is believed that a matrix of depopulation projects have been covertly introduced to reduce population and these are listed below as a Matrix of Global Control

Matrix of Global control is the covert depopulation and coerced globalization project on the basis that:

Covert depopulation is carried out to prevent war and attain sustainability

Coerced globalisation is aimed to enable resource sharing and eradication of poverty

Inner circle: Demographic transition [reversal] Depopulation genocide

Purpose is to attain sub-replacement level of fertility until optimal population reached, to  attain an optimum life expectancy of 70 years; Thereafter birth/death parity at 10 per thousand in perpetuity

  1. Biological methods                                                                                                                                                                             1.1.Heirarchical governing structures are permitted to commit structural violence. To facilitate compartmentalisation of knowledge to hide true intent of policies and deceive people to work against their own best interests and towards their own demise.

1.2 Restrict childbearing to married couples only.

1.2.1. Define a minimum marriage age to delay childbearing.

  • Polygamy is forbidden. Monogamy, Homo-couples
  • Secularisation of marriage and ease of divorce
  • Encourage aberrant sexual behaviour and give same sex couples same status as heterosexuals to diminish the family structure.
  • Religious authorities set ethical boundaries.
  • Sterilize only in the process of healing disease (humanae vitae)
  • Keep people obedient and submissive
  • Justify depopulation as the will of God

International authorities. UN system

  • Coordinate, gather data and keep track of progress
  • Apply pressure on governments
  • Groom and co-opt individuals and organisations
  • Control the top.


  • Depopulation by mandatory immunization replaces depopulation by covert chemical poisoning
  • Laced with anti-fertility hormones
  • New vaccines tamper with the genetic modulation of apoptosis

Genetics, drugs and pandemics

  • Gene editing technology used to reprogram body for sterility
  • All pandemics and epidemics from HIV to Ebola are man made
  • All infectious disease protocols from malaria to water bore diseases used to sterilise the developing world.

Medical and scientific authorities

  • Provide duplicitous or false research to render medicines and public health into handmaidens of genocide.
  • Encourage drug abuse and medical procedures that damage fertility and immunbity to comply with humanae vitae.

2 Chemical

Turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility and morbidity.

More than 30000 identified carcinogenic mutagenic toxic to reproduction and bioaccumulative chemicals.


  • Increase the levels of heavy metals in the atmosphere to shorten lifespan. Welsbach (?) materials
  • Increase aluminium in water to bind with fluoride and lower toxicity threshold levels.

GMOs pesticides and herbicides

  • By declaring GMOs substantially equivalent while at eth same time intellectual property the depopulators have seized control over food.
  • By refusing to label GMO consumers are forced to eat depop food.
  • All processed food is depop food.

Wifi radiation

  • Exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation and absence of safeguards and warnings sterilise people.
  • Untested proliferation makes EMF radiation inescapable

Financial authorities and corporations

  • Fund the death program and adulterate basic elements of life with depop poisons
  • Block access to markets and devalue currencies of dissenting nations
  • Cut off investments
  • Monetary coercion has replaced military force.


  • Water, salt, milk, dental treatments and products adulterated
  • Codex alimentarius designates fluoride to be an essential mineral to adulterate food and drinks without need for labelling.

Potential new threats

  • Nanomaterials
  • GM mosquitoes
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • CRISPR-Con (?)


Legal authorities

  • Provide legal cover and immunity from prosecution
  • Maintain the illusion of a rule of law
  • Make legal covenants conditional to provide loopholes for covert methods of depopulation.

Concentration of wealth and destruction of the middle class

  • To limit consumption, the number of children families can raise and the social infrastructure can invest in
  • Transfer capital from developed to developing countriesn to eradicate world poverty

Political authorities provide political cover

  • Mutual coercion mutually agreed upon
  • Choose low, medium or high trajectory to depopulation
  • Preserve the illusion of democracy
  • Feign the legitimacy of the State while committing genocide

Suppression of wages

  • To create class of working poor to deny them financial means to raise children
  • Keep youth unemployed and underpaid so they cannot form families during the best years of reproduction

Media authorities

  • Maintain publication ban on all things depop
  • Keep the public distracted and misinformed
  • Demonise and vilify dissenting governments and individuals
  • Promote social movements that are antithetical to the family

Criminalise poverty and formerly acceptable social behaviour.

  • To wage asymmetrical war of attrition against the poor, the weak and the foreign
  • Zero tolerance domestic law/ three strikes law perfect examples of excessive and unjust incarceration

Military and Intelligence authorities

  • Provide plausible deniability and full spectrum dominance
  • Provide Deep State collaborations and carry out false flag events
  • Erect and maintain multiple walls of deception, culture of secrecy and system of retaliation
  • Entire world a theatre of war



  • Debt as base for property and land grabs
  • Wages kept behind inflation to reduce disposable income and use GDP to depopulate
  • Transfer of land from farmers and rangers to agribusiness giants and industrial feed lots to control food.
  • Foreign aid followed by world bank loans and IMF austerity programs to create spiralling debt

Extend compulsory education and demand unnecessary credentials

  • Compulsory education beyond the requirements of employers delay economic independence needed to start families and raise children
  • On the Job training replaced by college education to delay earning wages.

Bring women into the workforce.

  • Subject women to economic competition to force them to leave home and have no time for children.
  • Make families dependent on 2 wages
  • Delay first birth past 30 years by subjecting women to market forces.